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  Patagonias - The film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid omitted one thing
The film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid omitted one thing: Before they died in a hail of bullets in Bolivia, the American West's most famous criminals found refuge?and happiness?in the vast spaces of Argentina's Patagonia. A century later, Patrick Symmes finds there's still no better place to get in touch with your inner outlaw. At Dusk, while Pancho and Claudio, my guides, were loading the boats, a single planet appeared overhead, a dim beacon in the dark-blue sky. Wet and cold, I waited at the edge of Lake Rivadavia, washed by the quiet melancholy that follows a long and glorious day. Over a half-hour, the sky darkened from lavender through azure to black, and a host of unfamiliar constellations emerged. When a crisp half-moon rose over the dark mountains of Patagonia, I felt an icy stab of heartbreak?the pain that must have hit those three Americans, almost a century ago, when they looked back on Cholila like this, knowing that time was against them. Leaving this paradise was tough enough after just a couple of weeks. For three hard-living, straight-shooting adventurers named Santiago, Harry, and Ethel, who spent almost four years here, that last night in 1905 must have been painful. Cholila was the only real home they had ever had, a green valley where sweat, money, and patience had brought them peace, prosperity, and respect. But they never could escape completely

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Fuente: Cond? Nast Travel
Fecha: 2003-09-10

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